Telemedicine is here!

You can see your provider virtually during the Coronavirus.

Yes, we're still open! Face-to-face appointments are still our preferred method, and may be necessary for the appointment you need. But, this option is available for high-risk or high-vulnerability patients – or if you're just nervous — and many appointment types can be done in this format.

Call our office at 610-933-0708 to schedule a telemedicine appointment, or to convert an already scheduled appointment to a phone visit.

Welcome to Sustainable Medicine at the Kimberton Clinic. I’ve established this website to further the following aims:

  1. To provide an introduction to the Kimberton Clinic and Sustainable Medicine, for interested people who may wish to utilize our medical and therapeutic services.
  2. To help develop the concept of sustainable medicine as it pertains to primary care medicine and the individual doctor-patient relationship.
  3. To provide a resource for professionals wishing to incorporate sustainability into their practices.
  4. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among health care professionals and patients/consumers seeking a rational alternative to the ethical and economic morass into which modern medicine is headed.
  5. To provide a referral network for patients looking for a different approach to medical care.

— Richard G. Fried, M.D.